To Read or Not to Read … Not Much of Debate in My Opinion

Books - Lincoln vs West

No mystery where I come down on this debate.
READ … Teach your children to READ … I firmly believe that much of the tragedy in the human condition would be eliminated through the expansion of the mind and sensibilities that takes place through the simple act of READING BOOKS. Not asking you to read my books, Just set the example and teach your children to READ BOOKS!

Best – Glenn


  1. Books are roads into other worlds – I’ve never understood people who don’t like to read.
    Knowledge is power and what better way to get knowledge than to read? A love of reading is one of the best gifts a parent can give a child, imo….you have nailed it, Glenn!

    • Thanks Arielle. I can’t imagine a world without books. You are correct. Knowledge is power. Understanding is wisdom. Experience brings strength. All are available to those who read. Appreciate the comment. – Glenn

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