Writing – A Short Thought…Love it, or Leave it

Writer Tee Shirt

I suppose the point of this Tee Shirt message is that writing is not as easy as it looks, and that’s true…but this makes it sound like it is a terror…a frightening, horrific experience. It’s not. Writing is a joy and a craft that you must learn in order to succeed. There are good days and bad days like everything else, but if you are a writer and feel this way about your craft…give it up. It’s not for you.

I love writing and being a writer. If you do not love it…leave. Life is too short to spend it in this kind of agony just so you can call yourself a …Writer.

And with that, I leave you to your Labor Day Weekend, hoping that it will be a wonderful time for you and yours.


  1. So true! I published my first book at 17 (1965) and that was the last time I thoroughly enjoyed writing. That book made me 7500 bucks which I used to move to Italy & travel around EU for three years. The next book came along 8 years later (1973) and was the beginning of my descent into writing HELL, because by THEN I’d learned the hard work and necessity of multiple REVISIONS, ha ha ha.
    Now I’m on my 29th & 30th books, and my assigned editor (for the past 45 years) JUST RETIRED. The new assigned editor didn’t blue/red pencil my run-on sentences. I am feeling the fire once more. sigh

    • Wish you all the best and thanks for posting. You are correct. Unless someone has been through the painful editing and revision process after months of the creative process it is hard to relate. I’m sure there are writers out there who can relate to your feelings. But you gotta love it Violet! I do. Wouldn’t want to do anything else.
      Best – Glenn

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