Where Did the Story for “Eyes of the Predator” Come From? Here’s the Answer

Over the years, many have asked where the idea for Eyes of the Predator came from. If you were wondering, here it is.

I was 14 years old and living in Atlanta in 1965. The City was rocked by the abduction and presumed murder of Mary Shotwell Little at Lenox Square a large shopping center that is now a huge upscale mall in the Buckhead area.

Although her body was never found, her bloodstained car was. The incident was covered repeatedly in the media for months. You have to remember, this was a different world. Mothers still left their babies in strollers outside stores while they went in and shopped. It did not occur to anyone that someone would harm a child, or for that matter a young newlywed walking across a parking lot.

Atlanta was traumatized by the disappearance of Mary Little. No one had ever heard of Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy. I remember that even in school, teachers and students were in shock that something so terrible could happen. Keep in mind that in 1965 Atlanta was still a somewhat quiet, backwater city.

In short, it made a deep impression on the mind of a lot of people, including me, and the idea that a human being could just disappear permanently was deeply disconcerting. Thus began the story forming in the back of my mind.

In the seventies and eighties, I was policing in the Atlanta area, DeKalb County to be exact. Periodically, someone, almost always a young woman, would disappear from some parking lot. The end was never good for them. I met some very bad people, almost always men, and witnessed the ongoing patterns of abuse responding to domestic violence calls. I became aware in a very real way that some people live lives of terror and fear right under our noses.

I also became aware of the fact that there are human predators in the world. Like other predators, they seek weakness and vulnerability in their victims and the opportunity to exercise their will. I also learned that for many, if not most, the driving motivation behind their terrible acts is power, the ability to inflict pain on others. Sex for many of these predators is secondary and another way of controlling and inflicting pain.

I realize that Eyes of the Predator may be a bit intense for some readers. I don’t apologize for this. It tells a story that, although not real, is true to life. I don’t write fantasy, at least to this point, and my goal in every story is to make it true to the reality in which we live.

A parallel sub-plot in the book is the parental abuse of the main female character. Again this plotline is true to life but not real. It is intended to paint a picture of abuse within a family but does not represent any particular family or person.

In any event, I realize the story is somewhat dark. Truth be known, I found writing some of the passages to be deeply disturbing but as the characters acted out on my computer screen they took on their own lives and acted for themselves. I simply recorded the action as I saw it.

I hope you enjoy the story. In the end, that is all that it is. If there are lessons to be learned about our humanity, maybe we can all learn them.

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