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  1. Lynn Reener says:

    I love to read! Once I found your Hunters series, I was hooked. Have read them all now.
    Love your characters! You almost feel like they are old friends. Please keep this series going.
    Even though, I’ve really liked every book, this last one was griping and timely and scary too!
    Thank you for the enjoyment!

    • Thanks much Lynn for the kind words and your support. I do intend to keep the series going and have some thoughts about upcoming stories. Currently working on a novel unrelated to either of my series. This one is called “Mojave Sun” and takes place…amazingly enough…in the Mojave Desert of Nevada and California. Should be out in the next couple of months. After that another Blue Eyes book to keep up with Alice Trent’s latest adventure and then on to The Hunters.

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