Sanctioned Murder – The Evolution of the Political Elite

Sanctioned Murder is a story that deals with the evolution of a political elite in the United States. It explores the possibility that a popular, peaceful uprising of voters determines that the best way to remove corruption and patronage from the political system is to use the ballot box to remove the political aristocracy that controls the system.

If your source of power, influence and wealth were about to be taken from you, what would you do to protect it? In Sanctioned Murder, the political elite would do…everything

In the end, the story is a murder mystery/thriller that along the way raises a number of questions about our system and our departure from a government of citizen public servants to one of professional politicians.

As a note, it was written and published in 2013 so don’t make assumptions about the message having any particular leanings towards any political party or the current state of politics in America. As a personal rule, I dislike all politicians and all political parties….but that’s just me.

If you like political conspiracy thrillers you might want to check out Sanctioned Murder. The Hunters are back doing what they do best.

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